A local activity with a global impact: in 2019, nearly 15,000 women and girls from 174 cities in 62 countries met to walk at the same time.

A network of 15,000 women leaders who are at the forefront of change and global progress. 


Mentoring Walk 2020

Inspired by Laybourne – and with the support of Vital Voices – women leaders in the Vital Voices Network launched the first Global Mentoring Walks in 2008. The annual Mentoring Walk brings together established and emerging women leaders to walk together in their community. The 90-minute event consists of a dialogue between the mentor and the mentee, where both engage in the reflection of their professional and personal challenges. As they walk, they discuss their professional challenges and successes, and establish a mentoring relationship in which the mentor guides, advises and supports the mentee. Through this opportunity, mentorship has become a tool to build a new generation of leaders who could unlock some of the most pressing problems facing their communities.

The walks are an opportunity to highlight the importance of women’s leadership, and to accelerate the impact of women leaders through mentoring. 

Vital Voices Miami Mentoring Walk has the singularity to offer participants a holistic experience that provides guidance both professionally and emotionally. Women interested in the Mentoring Walk will be partnered with other women in their field, while those looking for emotional development and healing can participate in the Healing Walk. 

The Healing Walk (Emotional Development) consists of a dialogue led by an emotional health professional such as Coach, Healer, Positive Psychologist, Energy Worker, Spiritual Therapist or companion in which she engages with her mentee into a deep reflection of mindful life by exploring the challenges of daily life.

The Mentoring Walk underlines the value of women’s leadership and exemplifies the transformative impact that every woman experiences when they join together to promote positive change around the world, while offering participants a unique way to build their network.  

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Do I need to walk?

 You do not need to walk during the whole event. The “walk” consists of a conversation that can be done seated. 

How are mentors paired with mentees?

Mentees are paired with similar personal and professional interests so that the latter may provide tailored and useful advice. Tip: be sincere in your application. 

What should I bring to the walk?

Sunscreen, yoga mat and/or towel, reusable water bottle, comfortable shoes and clothes, and your business card for networking!

Can I park my car?

Parking is limited so Uber or carpooling is highly encouraged.

What benefits come with my ticket entrance?

A free t-shirt, a light breakfast, and the chance to win more than 30 prizes. Prizes range from spa treatments to handcrafted artwork to coaching opportunities. Last but not least: by applying to the Mentoring Walk, you will have the opportunity to automatically become a WE Evolution Silver Member, enabling you to take advantage of its memberships’ numerous unique and door-opening opportunities. To obtain more information about silver WE membership benefits, visit 

Your monthly gift nurture our mission of empowering women from within, expand collective consciousness, and promote emotional and spiritual healing into the world. 

And please be aware that your contribution generates a ripple effect, not only forward also inward because you will received automatically your complimentary access to the Membership, so you can empower yourself while empower others in the path.

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